Canadian O.H.M.S. Official Stamp Headquarters

5-Hole OHMS

5-Hole OHMS

Send us your want list and be sure to include position required or no preference.  

4-Hole OHMS

4-Hole OHMS

Send us want list and be sure to include position desired or preference.  

Mint NH and  VF used are available.

G & OHMS Overprints

Canada G official Overprint
Canada OHMS  official Overprint

Send want list and indicate hinged or NH for mint and F-VF or VF for used.  

Mint NH and VF used are available.

PERFINS of canada and the world

Canada Perfins

Canada Perfin Stamps

We have over 9,000 individually priced perfins and covers for sale from Small Queens to date. Including specialty items like perf/imperf pairs, double punches and some Mint.

We have a large variety of back of the book perfins including airmail, war tax, special delivery, postage due, excise tax, customs duty and precancels.

Send us your detailed want list using the 5th edition BNAPS number, Scott number. Include any position, die or face combinations.

Worldwide Perfins

worldwide perfin Kiautschou DAB perfin
Deutsche Asiatic Bank 
Kaiser Yacht

Our worldwide perfin stock consists of over 125 different current and former countries and territories. Includes perfin patterns from Algeria to Venezuela and Occupied Belgium to the former Yugoslavian states.

For larger countries like Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria and USA patterns are also available by perfin position.

Send us your detailed want lists including country, pattern, position and different die/face combinations.

Canadian Specialty Items

Canadian Revenues

canadian revenue stamps 
red 20c excise tax with cancelled overprint

Our inventory of Canadian Federal and Provincial revenue stamps is fairly extensive. 

From pre-confederation Bill Stamps to modern Wildlife & Hunting Issues, we have you covered.

Our prices are generally 50% of the current Canadian Revenue catalog value so you can now complete your Canadian & Provincial revenues.

Specialties include private perfins and tobacco number precancels.  

Mint NH and VF used are available.

Canada Mint and Used

7c King Edward VII stamp issue from 1908 

We offer a full range of mint and used official Stamps of Canada including OHMS stamps with "O.H.M.S." and "G" overprints, Federal and Provincial Revenues, Precancels and selected cancels such as RPO's and Squared Circles. 

Our worldwide stamp department includes selected mint and used items from all areas of Germany including strength in Semi-postal and Berlin Issues and an extensive selection of used Great Britain including specialized Machins and Queen Victorian plate number singles. Other countries are available including Ireland, Australia and the United States.

Because of the diversity, uniqueness and turnover of our stock plus the time and expense required to scan and list individual items we are currently only working with supplied Want Lists on a first come first serve basis.

Postal History

5-hole OHMS Department of Finance cover Admiral perfins
overseas to England then Italy
postage due

Send us your want list by email and we will check our inventory and send you scans of available items.

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So, if you’re looking for high quality, specialized or unique items and want the personal service that comes with Want List fulfillment then you’ve come to the right place. At Durbano Stamp Company we’ll give your perfin needs the attention and personal service that you will come to enjoy and expect.

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